Posted by: daremar | December 6, 2007

Applicability in Feminism.

When asked for our final response paper to ruminate on my favorite authors or theories from the course, I had difficulty choosing a favorite. While I had enjoyed and found interest in a lot of the readings, I could not pinpoint one theory or author that I enjoyed the most. I was disappointed in myself; I thought that my inability to choose a favorite meant I was not fully engaged in the course material, or something of the like.

But, after putting more thought into what readings I found particularly interesting, I settled on “Rethinking Sex and Gender” by Christine Delphy. The essay by Christine Delphy, in particular, was material that I found great interest in. As someone that does not have a normative view of gender, that being the dualistic perception of male and female, Delphy offered insight and more context to a perspective that I hold. Oftentimes, it is difficult to verbalize an alternative view of gender to others since the ideas of gender in this country are absolutely institutionalized and reiterated in the same way that sex and sexuality is. But, I found that Delphy provided context to the observation that gender is something that is socially constructed, and may even precede biological sex. Personally, I find that gender, much like sexuality, can operate on a spectrum for the individual, and is not always aligned with the societal understanding of the norm for their assigned gender.

Finally, I realized that Feminism, at least for me, holds greatest importance in practice and applicability. The material that I found the most interesting gave me insight into my own life, and the tools to better understand others.


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