Posted by: santaria | November 30, 2007

Redefining Equality!!

There are several ways of defining equality within feminist theory. It is apparent that each individual has a different perspective of equality. Within feminist theory, equality is defined in terms of women achieving equality with men and is defined in terms of women achieving equality through developing their own autonomy. These traditional explanations constituted meanings of equality; limiting feminist discourse. What is missing is an explanation that truly encompasses the perspectives and differences of oppressed individuals. Equality needs to be defined in terms of a collective consciousness for both sexes by incorporating everyone who experiences class and race oppression in order to redefine traditional white ideologies often used in defining feminist theory.



  1. When discussing feminism, it is interesting to consider how the concept of “equality” is constructed. “Equality” implies that justice will be had when there is some sort of balanced, “fair,” and level playing-ground. For De Beauvoir, economic equality with men would ensure women’s autonomy – but this definition of equality fails to address how class and race affect women’s autonomy.

    So is equality really what we are striving for?

    I recall old Mac Donald’s commercials, which aimed to portray a “multicultural” or “diverse” group of children playing together happily, enjoying kid’s meals together at a big table. Is this portrayal of race authentic – or does this sense of “equality” reinforce notions that representation alone can create a non-racist environment?

    How do images like this affect/limit how we think about social justice, oppression?

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