Posted by: eichner5 | November 1, 2007

Womens Oppression

I was just reading an assignment for my history class and the reading was about women in the 14th centuries and medievl England. These readings blew me away because not only have we been talking about womens oppression in class, but now in another class it is being brought to attention. Womens oppression like we have read in womens studies readings is very historical and reading these documents from histroy can help us look back through time at how women were viewed and treated. I guess I really enjoyed reading these and see now in todays times how far women and feminism has came. It blows my mind away of how bad it was and now one must be happy for how far we women as woman have come and I think that a lot of the authors that we have read in class would agree.



  1. Yes we have advanced however (I believe) it is not enough to stop and give ourselves credit. This is because we STILL live in a western male heterosexual dominated society. No forms of oppression have been eliminated thus, there is still much work to be done. I’m glad that we have a movement such as feminisim to overcome these obsticles.

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