Posted by: santaria | November 1, 2007

Effective Communication- From my Point of view

Similarly, I am interested in the perspective that was offered (providing insight) concerning the differing views of the authors we have read in class.  Bunch and MacKinnon provide very strong, yet one-sided arguments. Rather than focusing on encompassing all individuals in their arguments both of these authors have segregated men by labeling them as the cause of women’s oppression (as well as all types of oppression in return). I’ve found that many authors we have read in class have provided a fair argument by including the varying components that potentially contribute to all forms of oppression. Without considering the various positions individuals have come from we negate to include all individuals in a fight for equality. Therefore, without considering the various components that contribute to oppression and considering the varying positions inviduals come from we are not truly aiming towards equality. Instead, it seems as though we begin to create an array of definitions that only segregate people further (while each individual tries to fit into the definition that fits them best).  It becomes a fight against one another and a fight that eventually achieves inequality in return.



  1. I agree that by placing men as the source of oppression we are displacing the real roots of oppressive institutions and minimizing the complexity of patriarchy (and the attendant systems of oppression it imposes on society). If oppression was a single unit, easily definable force it would be very easy to eradicate. Instead the sources of oppression are very complex, deriving from overt sources as well as more subtle institutions within our societal fabric. I believe it is important to read and learn the spectrum of feminist perspectives and theories, because even the very polarizing and somewhat unrealistic ideas contain gems of insight. In fact, pieces by authors like Bunch and McKinnon have latent insights into how theory, if improperly informed/realized, can contribute to actions and attitudes that may in fact perpetuate oppression.

  2. I also agree that Bunch misplaces men at the root of sexist oppression rather than the true culprit which is the structural hierarchy. I assert that the origins of sexist oppression comes from the presumed difference between the sexes. The hierarchical structure of sexism situates itself within the space of difference (if we were all the same value would have no bases on one over another), and it is inconsequential that men are the bearers of the value. Theoretically women could have been placed there, but the structure of oppression would still exist. One must deconstruct and reconsider the normative ideals of gender and whether they really constitute this space of difference.

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