Posted by: nataliap | October 31, 2007

African American female sexuality (responce to Evelynn Hammonds)

I found that many of the themes and attitudes that surrounded black female sexuality in the past continue to exist today. This sexuality is both silenced, yet exploited. African American women are still portrayed by the media as hypersexualized and erotic beings, often at the disposal of white men. African American women continue to be viewed as ‘unrapeable’, as we have recently seen in the Duke case. There also continues to be a lack of visibility around the lives and sexuality of African American lesbians. In many ways, things really have not changed all that much over the past 100 or so years. Although we have made progress over claiming female sexual agency and making female sexuality more acceptable in our society by way of feminist movements, the extent to which one is effected by this change much depends on social locations such as race, class, and sexual identity.


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