Posted by: msteph | October 19, 2007

Discussion of Jacqui Alexander.

There are many things I don´t know and many things that I have learned in the last couple of weeks that have blown my mind. This article being one of them. These three states of erotic bliss and palm trees. People going on their romantic honeymoons and photo shoots. How did this happen? I know we talked about it today in class. The colonization of these nations were what brought about these absurd laws. The grouping of domestic violence and being homosexual into these same “unnatural” things. That they are somehow equal in “deviant” behavior that they should be put into the same Act. Making a post colonial government for themselves that is completely based off of their colonizers. Reverting back to Henry the 8th’s, 1533, definition of what homosexuality is and why it is banned. That was 500 years ago, for god’s sake.

I also found it very interesting when someone pointed out the structural adjustment policies. This debt that has been acquired through the world bank and therefore letting them have power over what can be done inside of each of these nations by letting multinational corporations come in there and exploit the shit out of them. For example in the law is points out women that are prostitutes will be put in jail. But on the other side, prostitution is one of the main reasons that people come to these nations for vacations. For the women. And so, the government will look over this because it’s helping out the countries that they owe money too. Priya said this in class about traveling which I thought was very interesting:”Acting like the colonizer for a week.” Which I have never heard anyone say this but I makes me think about my own travels and just exactly I’m doing with that. It makes me kind of sick. Thanks



  1. I also thought about what Priya said in class, “acting like a colonizer for a week.” I thought about what I learned about colonization when I was a kid. Not much, other than “it was such a wonderful thing.” I also remember learning about the institution of slavery as a kid, and how the teachers taught us that “the enslaved people had a ‘special’ relationship with their masters.” This justified slavery how??? This is kind of a tangent, but I remember a while back learning about gentrification in the U.S. It was sometime later that I looked up the actual history behind it. The concept of “red lining” specific neighborhoods where immigrants and people of color lived was really disturbing. Racism is so deeply entrenched in our (U.S.) culture, but I never though about how “vacation hot spots” are marketed here. I also never thought about the impact that tourism has on native born populations. In the article I thought it was interesting that the “state” criminalized people and categorized them as “diseased, but then also wanted to profit from them through tourism. That blew my mind.

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